On this side of life, tribulations and difficulties are a consistent. Jesus himself gives us this affirmation… "in this world you will have tribulation… " Our dear delicate guardian angel wasn't forecasting misery over man by that announcement, rather, he was reverberating the way that He remains the ONLY expectation and reply to keeps an eye on difficulties amidst sadness and an evil world. 

GOD ALL BY YOURSELF comes to stir man to the truth of the power of the name and individual of Jesus in a world tumbled from importance. 

This sound tries to anchor in each heart a supplication modify and the state of mind of approaching Jesus – and Jesus alone – in a bad position, all things considered, the inconvenience isn't in the awful circumstance, the inconvenience is in not approaching the name of the Lord Jesus. "… then they cried unto the Lord and he spared them out of their upsets" – Psalms 107:13. 

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