The World  Cup is one of those wondrous sporting events that definitely lives up to the call. Each four years, oldsters from round the arena crowd the streets and bars to observe groups of 11 kick a football around for as a minimum 90 mins.

YouTube tv almost ruined all of that, even though it wants to make amends.

At some stage in England and Croatia’s international Cup semifinal fit, YouTube tv went down for at the least an hour. This left subscribers scrambling to watch Croatia eventually defeat England with a soul-crushing intention throughout the second half of of more time.

Exact man Google got here thru for some affected subscribers, but. An electronic mail despatched to subscribers presented them credit score for one week of provider, while a few others got credit score for one month after they reached out to customer service.

Considering YouTube television raised its month-to-month fee to $40, the loose week of provider more or less amounts to $10.

Test your inbox to look if to procure the e-mail, but also make certain to check your spam folder. Some people suggested that Gmail flagged the e-mail as unsolicited mail for some cause.

The e-mail also said that recordings of the england/Croatia match, in conjunction with other DVR recordings subscribers set for the duration of the outage, should now be to be had within the “Library” tab.

Here is hoping that YouTube television does now not suffer other outages at some point of the 0.33-vicinity England/Belgium healthy and France/Croatia global Cup final.

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