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Sugarcane contains octaconasol, sort of long chain alcohol which lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. Besides that, octaconasol also inhibits plaque pile vessel wall cells, even for the protection of the blood protein oxidation. Then, how if someone has diabetes as well as high cholesterol? Actually, we have no words to say. Because diabetics have to know that cholesterol levels in the blood can be reduced and controlled by octaconasol. The most surprising is without side effects. Then, what should we do?
You should not worry about that anymore since the consumption sugarcane juice is save for diabetics. Besides octaconasol, Sugarcane also contains another compound namely policosanol. It can decrease production of cholesterol in liver. Low Density Lipoprotein can be breakdown by policosanol.
This bad cholesterol can do nothing for damaging our body if we consume 10 mg policosanol per day. Moreover, through this process, High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) will increase till 11,3%. It is protein in blood plasma. Damage in our body and bad cholesterol can be repaired by HDL. So, we can say that HDL is good fat or good


What are the benefits of sugarcane? Let’s check them out!
1. Anti Diabetic
It does not make sense, does it? It is hard to receive by simple logic. How could sugarcane be anti diabetic? While we know that diabetics are always worry about consuming anything sweet and sugary. Well, just be calm. Maybe the explanation below can be the best solution. Why?
This is the answer:
According to Dr. C.J. Sogiharjo ApT. from Faculty of Pharmacy University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He stated that sugarcane juice actually has anti diabetic effects since sugarcane contains Sakaran. Like Superman, Sakaran is the krypton for diabetes. Unfortunately, this substance compound of sugarcane will disappear when it is processed into sugar which is caused by the heating process. While the another compound, Sakarosa as diabetic originator compound can get away from that process. Sakaran is the differentiator between sugar and sugarcane juice.
Sugarcane juice is a natural sweetener, it is not endanger and not disease trigger. Whereas sugar is artificial sweeteners made from sugarcane, it has more harmful compound than sugarcane.
2. Maintain Brain Health
Sugarcane juice has much carbohydrate contents. It is beneficial to maintain brain health. We can get the benefit by consuming sugarcane juice in fresh.
3. Against Inflammation and Analgetic
Mouse are used to help in this part, where the sick mouse is giving mixture of fatty acids isolated from sugarcane juice. First, a mouse is put on hot plate and then given acetic acid. The mouse is not twist or thrashing but being quiet, and then the mouse drinks the liquid. To prevent from inflammation and analgetic, phelonic and flavonoids,  sugarcane juice can keep our body from its effects.
4. Heart Health
Consuming sugarcane in fresh condition gives many benefits. Carbohydrate which is contained in sugarcane is pretty good for heart health.
5. Cure Breast Cancer
Let’s fight for cancer! People against cancer by consuming sugarcane juice. Powerful antioxidant which is contained in sugarcane will mix the mineral from other foods. All kinds of cancer cannot fight with this process because powerful antioxidant in sugarcane is super effective for reducing cancer risk, especially breast cancer risk. The most important is, this resistance does not cause any side effects.
Another compounds in sugarcane is alkaline. It is capable of dealing with breast cancer. Pure sugarcane must be consumed regularly, Additional information for cancer. Alkaline in sugarcane juice also can prevent colon cancer, lung cancer and all kinds of cancer.

6. Cure Prostate
In the discussion above, we might notice that alkaline is used only for woman, but it is not at all. Alkaline in sugarcane is also helpfully for man. With alkaline say no to prostate. Just use the same way as before, start with make your own schedule for drinking pure sugarcane regularly.
7. Strengthen Gums and Teeth
Use lime juice, salt, and pure sugarcane juice for helping to strengthen gums and teeth. Because it has very high mineral that super effective to overcome tooth decay. Mineral in sugarcane also can against bad breath. Bad breath needs special enzyme to reduce it, and sugarcane has the compound which is needed. Take and drink it in routine time will make your teeth whiter and also can improve the health of your teeth.
8. Kidney Health
Pure sugarcane have much carbohydrate that help us to get healthy kidney. It will clean the kidney from inside.
Kidney stones problem is dehydration. There is no way to avoid kidney stones if the body don’t get energy from protein sources. As what be said above, sugarcane can clean the kidney from inside . It helps for filtering all fluids inside, including blood and water.
The compounds of sugarcane that can treat the kidney is alkaline. So, to hydrate back the body by using sugarcane juice, consume it routinely.
9. Overcome Nosebleed
Use piece of sugarcane for nosebleed. Take the top of sugarcane and boil in boiling water. Then, add little salt and brown sugar. After it is cold, strain and drink. Thus, there are many sugarcane juice benefits for health.
10. Healing Jaundice
Yellow pigmentation of the skin and membranes can be healed by sugarcane juice. The presence bilirubin in blood is reason of this disease. That causes the decreased of liver function. But, do not bother it too much because sugarcane juice actually can help. Like shut down button in computer, sugarcane is able to restore and maintain the power of the liver function.
11. Overcome Colds and Flu
Three leaves of sugarcane are boiled with water as we need. After boiled strain and drink. Do that at least three times day. We need to share this fact because many people think that sugarcane juice will aggravate sore throat. That is absolutely not true. Besides sugarcane can make colds and flu are thrown away, it also can heal sore throat.
12. Healing Stroke
Drink fresh and pure sugarcane juice can take care body metabolism from lack of fluids because of activities. This part can help for healing stroke.
13. Infection Healing
For anyone who has trouble with urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and inflammation of stomach (constipation and diarrhea). Do not be worried anymore! This information is good news. A cup of sugarcane juice is the solution.
Potassium is very high number content contained in sugarcane juice. Health condition will stay well with it because our body needs potassium for controlling nerves and muscles. After consuming sugarcane juice, there is no worry anymore about any types of infection, especially stomach infectious diseases. Take our time to consume it routinely, it will overcome others complaints like constipation and diarrhea. As additional way, phelonic and flavonoids in sugarcane juice can keep our body from infections effects.
14. Overcome Cough
Drink black sugarcane juice from squeezing five segments.
15. Relieve Body Heat (Fever)
Pure black sugarcane juice, if it drinks in regularly it can reduce body temperature. This can be alternative way for healing fever which is better than enstrostop. High fever can make body lack of vitamin but it can be restored by using sugarcane juice.
16. Relieves Heart Pounding
Boil two cups of water and put on three handled black root cane. Boiled until the water a half remaining. Strain it when it is cold and than drink two times a day.
17. Hydrating Body
Dehydration is easy for encountered,especially in dry season and summer. At those seasons we may consume sugarcane juice before dehydration “touch” us. Sugarcane can increase mineral in the body so it will prevent dehydration. Moreover, natural electrolyte, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and manganese contained in sugarcane juice helps in reducing body heat and absolutely hydrate the body. That’s why sugarcane juice is also useful for fever.
Tips; Drink sugarcane with ice is better way to enjoy it. Let’s say bye to thirst!
18. Boost the Supply of Body Energy
Many people maybe do not realize that natural sugar from sugarcane juice can be used as energy enhancer. Especially for people who live in four season.
Natural glucose and active compound that are contained in sugarcane will help our body to increase the energy. It is because sugarcane juice with glucose plus electrolyte compounds encourage the body metabolism.
19. Eye Health
Much carbohydrate in sugarcane juice can help us to get pure sugar which is good for eye health. In addition, benefits of Vitamin A in sugarcane juice also improves eye health.
20. Healthy Nails
The appearance of something on nail is indicator that someone lacks nutrients. You may check your own nails. If you find white and brown spots, it means you need to improve your nutrients. The same case if you see straight line on your nail. Then, you need to worry because that is also indicator of less nutrients. One way to overcome this problem is to drink sugarcane juice.
Mineral in sugarcane juice can help to “destroy” the white and brown spots also the straight line. Not only that, if you consume sugarcane juice regularly, it will make your nail stronger and shiny.
21. Maintaining Healthy Body
From the start point we always talk about sickness, disease, and etc. Last but not least. Let us talk about healthy body. Even in good condition, sugarcane juice is still good for us because super complete nutrients are contained in it. We also can get Vitamin C, Vitamin, A, and Vitamin E by drinking sugarcane.
Furthermore, sugarcane juice also contains super kind and good material such as antioxidant
22. Skin Beauty Maintain
Woman wants to be special, so let’s give them this special one. Sugarcane juice is an anti aging, it has alpha acids which helps women to prevent premature aging. But off course not in instant way, it needs some effort. Woman needs to consume sugarcane regularly.
Besides preventing premature aging, sugarcane juice contains glycolic acid which also can maintain the skin health in good way. Exfoliate the dead skin which makes the skin brighter, whiter, and smoother. Preventing from oily skin and dull skin. Sugarcane juice are also used to remove acne on the face and disguise black blemishes of acne scars.
Anyway sugarcane juice can be used by applying onto face.
23. Lose Weight
There are so many way to get perfect body. This part is useful not only for woman but also for man. Actually, Sugarcane contains a super mineral named Policosanol, it can decrease the production of cholesterol in liver. Bad cholesterol or LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) can be breakdown by it. LDL cannot damage our body if we consume 10 mg policosanol once a day. HDL as a good cholesterol will be increased till 11,3% in this process. Policosanol as protein in blood plasma will result a lose weight.

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