My Name is Dotun Arogundade, I'm the Facilitator of the scheme 'YouCAN' DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE which aims to train the most disadvantaged and unemployed young people both male and female in Nigeria, by establishing a Vocational training that is holistic, accessible and relevant to them.

It is no more a news that Vocational and crafts is what wins it in this era, and many Nigerians clamour to be self employed, be their own bosses and live an independent life but all these seems practically impossible as about average of our population does not have any skill and above average are less privileged and cannot afford. A tuition/Training fee.

Therefore, in 2018 Summer, i'm organising a Six-Weeks long FREE Vocational training to empower 500 People on the following Categories:

1. CATERING/DECORATION- Small Chops, Cake, Meat-pie, Doughnut, Pufff-puff, Buns, Fabrics Decoration.

2. COSMETICS - Hair shampoo, Conditioner, Body Spray, Olive-Oil.


4. PAINT MANUFACTURING - Emulsion, Flex-Coat, Satin, Texcoat.

5. CRAFTS - Leather Bag, Hat Making, Fascinators, Bow Tie.

6. MAKE-UP/GELE Tying.

Let's all make Nigeria a more habitable place for her citizens by supporting this movement.

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IG hashtag #youCANnaija

Email: dotman227@gmail.com

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  1. If you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to achieve a goal, who should?

    If you don’t believe in your own dream and the possibility of its actualisation, who should?

    You are the captain, and you have to believe in your capacity to steer your ship to its destination.

    You can do it. Believe it. Work hard at it. Get it done.
    Attend this training and have a change of story